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Abbotsford • Surrey • New Westminster • Calgary • Edmonton • Saskatoon


Attending school from: AROUND THE WORLD; ACROSS THE COUNTRY; or ACROSS TOWN? Mainstreet has an apartment for you.

We understand your needs. We offer comfortable, secure, affordable housing, that lets you focus on what’s important – your future.

Why choose Mainstreet as your student housing option?

- Save time & money, live close to school

- Be secure in our buildings

- Affordable rent, low security deposit

- Comfortable, NEWLY renovated suites

- No worries, 24/7 maintenance, professionally managed


- Get approved before you arrive

- Credit card acceptance

- Get picked up at the airport when you arrive in your residing city

- We speak your language - multi-lingual team members to help you transition

- Student Housing Specialist that is there when you need him

CONTACT: EMAIL // (403) 444-4086

India, Phillippines, Pakistan, Germany, ESL, University, College, Post-secondary, Housing, Students, International-Students, Canada

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